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New Equipment


AMAT P5000
AMAT Spare Parts
-Dispatch Conveyor
       Furnace Model
-ASM Epsilon 2000
       Epi Reactor
-Alcatel DRIE
-Dispatch Conveyor
       Furnace Model
-Schmid Light
       Induced Plater (LIP)
-SELA Sample Prep
       for Failure Analysis
       for SEM and TEM
-EEJA (Electro Plating
       -Engineers of
        Japan) Ni and
        Ag Plating
-Schmid Light
       Induced Plater (LIP)
-EVG101 Coater
-Thermco Maxibrute
       200mm Oxidation
-Spare Parts
-Wet Process

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  Welcome to Conquer Industries, Inc., a Manufacturer's Representative Firm specializing in the sale of Semiconductor High Technology Capital Equipment.

Established in 1996, Conquer Industries, Inc. has two divisions: The New Equipment Division and the Pre-Owned Equipment Division. This combination allows us to fluctuate with our customer's needs and the economic climate, and to provide our customer with exactly what they need, when they need it, on time and within budget.

The New Equipment Division specializes in Wet Processing, Quartz, Electrostatic Charge and Discharge Monitoring Equipment and Software, Microscopes and Load Stations and Materials, including precious and semi-precious metals.

The Pre-Owned Equipment Division also specializes in Wet Processing and Microscopes, as well as Sputtering Systems, Evaporators, Vacuum Technology, Semitool Spin Rinser Dryers, Metrology, Lappers, Polishers and much more.

While much of our competition believes in both "Virtual Selling" and "Virtual Listings", we only list equipment on our web site which we own. This allows us full negotiating authority and flexibility, as well as the capability of upgrading and modifying tools to meet our customer's requirements.

In addition to selling Pre-Owned equipment, we also purchase it from our customers. This way we can offer to buy or sell a full fab of equipment, combining new technologies with long established technologies. It also allows us to trade equipment: if our customer is removing 4" equipment and upgrading to 6" equipment, we can purchase their existing equipment to reduce their capital equipment costs.

If you wish to buy or sell equipment, click on the info@conquerindustries.com icon and send us an E-mail.

Conquer Industries Receives 2012 Best of Fremont Award

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